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Mobile application for notes, tasks and event management.


UI/UX · Prototyping



Project overview

Temporal is a self-initiated mobile app for task and event management. Create reminders, repeating events, shared workspaces and much more through a modern, clutter-free environment.

A unified task workflow

Our tasks can be complex and our ideas often cannot be sufficiently described with words alone. They have due dates, requirements and related content. This is why Temporal unites text, images, files and events into one intuitive flow that doesn’t leave us searching for the data we need.

Clean yet highly functional

Keeping the interface organized and clutter-free while reducing the number of steps required to take any given action was the main concern during the design progress.

Despite the small canvas that mobile apps provide, many actions must still be available for any given element. For example, content blocks on a page must be draggable, editable and have block-specific actions. To solve this, a long press on a content block opens a action menu, while a short press edits the block content. A separate, yet easily accessible “Arrange” flow handles reordering of elements in an unobtrusive way.

Unique, optimized design patterns

A focus on functionality also informed the design of the event creation screens. Since events are shared between members in a work space, it is essential to know who is available at what time. It quickly became clear a standard date and time picker would not allow for that functionality.

The solution was a system that allows the user to divide their schedule into time slots of varying length that are displayed in a custom layout that clearly shows which slots are available and which are occupied, and by whom.