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Gerdum Finanzplanung

Development and design for independent financial advisor.


UI/UX · Fullstack · Branding


2022 — 2023

Project overview

Gerdum Finanzplanung approached me to conduct a full overhaul of their brand and website. After extensive research, proposals and collaboration with the team a comprehensive visual identity was crafted that highlights their unique values and personal connection to their clients.

The updated logo is an both abstract representation of a stack of coins and the initial letter of the company name, using simple shapes to remain recognizable at various sizes.

Extensive user research

During the initial phase of the redesign we conducted research, analyzed competitors and defined our target audience. We placed our focus on informing existing clients, with gaining new leads as our secondary objective.

Informed by our competitor research, we decided on the visual direction of the brand and website. Fresh colors that stand out from competitors, new typefaces and illustrations create an experience that feels professional yet highly approachable.

Visualizing unique values

Aimed at both generating new leads as well as informing existing clients, the site emphasizes the companies benefits and unique value proposition through copy and bespoke illustrations. Pages follow a clear structure without feeling rigid, allowing content to breathe through alternating and overlapping layouts. Repeating, similarly structured content is revealed through scroll-based motion without taking away control from the user.

“Jonathan Gerdum delivered an outstanding visual identity and website that reflects our values perfectly. We are extremely satisfied with the new, more performant website and more efficient internal tooling.”

Dirk-Oliver Gerdum


Bespoke backend solutions

In tandem with the customer-facing site I conceptualized and built a bespoke proprietary dashboard aimed at client management and retention. Following the highest security standards, it allows the Gerdum Finanzplanung team to safely invite and authorize team members.

The final design and functionality went through multiple iterations of testing and refining the interface in collaboration with the team for maximum usability. The dark color scheme manages to stay on brand while providing a clear contrast between internal and public pages.

Intuitive and easily extendable

The dashboard allows team members to create and distribute branded newsletters and relevant information and is intuitive to use without requiring extensive onboarding. Each client can be assigned categories of interest, providing them with only the information they need. Client details can be imported and exported from and to CSV or JSON files to maintain maximum compatibility with other tooling and allow for easy backups.